When I took over the position of UX D&R Senior Director, from the first +100 people I met across executives and product directors I came to the conclusion that what is embedded into Clarivate Analaytics as a corporation is the M&A legacy. Clarivate Analytics products focus on Intellectual Property, Government & academia and Healthcare enterprise data Analytics Softwares and Services.
As the product design and research Senior Director I focus on the IP segment with 3 subsidiaries; Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Lifecycle Management, Brands + Services (data reporting, fee management, etc…)
The main personas of IP are scientists, inventors, researchers and law firm. In the world of IP those people want to know what is the current lanscape of IP for their innovations, to create and manage their patents, Brands or Trade Marks. And finally turn their patents into the financial assets that they truly are and increase benefits.
The whole IP portfolio is made of +30 apps with a very diverse cultural background and a broad difference of UX maturity levels from the the Silicon Valley Group model to on premise apps and a great variety of technology framework and/or tools.
My goal is to engineer and standardize processes, organization and governance, build a functional team (of UX designers, researchers, UI designers and managers) upgrade the design system to deliver faster and decrease time to market and create modern product with best in class, innovative and unique User Experience.

Strategic Leadership: Develop and communicate the UX vision and strategy for the IP segment to align with business goals. Collaborate with executive leadership to ensure that the user experience is a key driver of the company's success.
Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with product executives, tech leads, and other stakeholders to ensure a seamless and efficient product development process. Advocate for user experience within cross-functional teams.

Team Management: Grow the team from 8 to 23 in 7 months: lead, mentor, and empower a team of 17 UX designers, 4 researchers and 2 managers. Foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning in a geographically distributed team.

User-Centered Design: Champion user-centered design principles across the organization from advocacy to next gen solution design depending on the UX maturity of the different product teams. Work with the manager to oversee the creation of wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that reflect user needs and align with best practices (Accessibility, Usability, etc…)
Infuse the data driven design solution mindset across the design team, how to perform it (with Pendo) and how to sell it (to stakeholders).
Focus on the signature moment to make Clarivate stands out between their competitors.
UX Research: Develop and oversee the team and its manager to ensure the latest trends in user research activities, including user interviews, surveys, usability testing, and competitive analysis. Use research findings to inform design decisions and iterate on product designs.

Design System: Evolution of CDX (Clarivate Design system) to establish and maintain design guidelines, style guides, to ensure consistency across products and platforms reduce time to market and delivery time of the UX team.
UX Design and Research guidelines and best practices designed to empower the designer to have more time to focus on what really matter. But also evangelization leveraging that materials to the different product teams ignorer to foster adoption of the methodology but also make it available to the many in a self-service manner.
Budget Management: Manage the UX budget, including resource allocation, tool selection, and vendor relationships.
Performance Metrics: Define and track key performance metrics related to user experience, making data-driven decisions to optimize products and services.

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